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Based on 368 reviews
Beach Hawaii
Tate Leuschke
Little thick at the cuticles

Had a really hard time getting these to fit. I had to trim some of the larger ones down. Pretty pattern.

Silver Fox Glitter
Gwendolyn Dickinson
Love them

One week later they still look great! This was my first time using stick on nail polish and it took longer than I was expecting but I'm happy with the result.

White Russians
Zora Swift

It is my first time buying this type of gel nails stickers.I really like them. I put them 9 days ago. I did not put them perfectly because It is my first time using them but I really love how the look. For me It! Is hard to keep my nails nice after a manicure when I go to a salon that’s why I wanted it to give a try to this type of nails. I really love the results and they last longer.I will buy more colors soon.

Superior Black
Vernon Bahringer
I am not going to nail salons anymore

I was surprised with the quality of the product. It looked natural and it only took me 5 to 10 min to apply the product. It lasted 8 days (I believe it can last longer if you use the UV lamp). Since my nails are very small I had a bit of difficulty with the strip sizing so I could only use once (if the sizes were a bit smaller I could have used twice). The removal was easy and didn't damage my nails. I'm overall satisfied and I will continue buying.

White Russians
Antonietta Crooks
Better than I expected!

If you haven't used nail stickers before, these may frustrate you. Practice makes perfect though!Going on day 5 and zero chips and no lifting.Filing the excess BEFORE you harden with the lamp can be tricky because these are gel and they are stickyish when you file them while they are still soft. Better to1. clip them close to your nail,2. press well and make sure the sticker is fully covering your nail,3. then harden with the lamp,4. then file the extra bits.I have a glass cuticle file/trimmer thing and I use it to smooth the edges near my cuticles after using the lamp. I will be buying more!!

Good product

 These are a decent quality for the price. I have never used a light curing sticker before but they went on fairly easy. I wasn’t able to file the ends off I had to use clippers. I filed the ends after I cured them for a smoother finish. I’m on day 2 and was trying to remove a sticky price tag and it lifted the edge on my pointer finger but I was able to push it back down. I’m not sure if these will last 2 full weeks with how much I use my hands but overall a really good product so far!

Beach Hawaii
Nikko Larkin
Bye regular nail polish

These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. They are super easy to put on and feel like they were professionally done because of how they harden in the UV Lamp. I cut the stickers a little longer than my actual nail so I can cover my free edge and I am hoping that they will last. What I didn’t like about these was that some sizes fit perfectly on the nail while others did not so there is a space in between the edges of my nails. Even when trying to stretch them they wouldn’t budge too much. It’s not too noticeable but I look at my hands a lot so it’s going to bother me. I give them 4 stars because of the size issue and because they saved me the time of painting my nails and the money i would’ve spent going to a salon.

Beach Hawaii
Denis Kirlin
Better than expected

Pack was really nice. Easy to apply. These are 4 days old and haven't chipped or peeled off on their own. Normal nail polish really doesn't stay on my nails for very long, so this is a nice change. The parts near my cuticles is starting to get caught in my hair and curve up a little. But that could either be from growth or poor application since this was my first time doing semi cured gel. The arched ones that look like a french ma jcure looked really bad on my nails since they're so short. But you could cut them to size or flip them around to be solid blue.

Tiffany Gimlet
Oleta Leffler
Lasted 16 days!!!

I love gel manicures. Regular polish never lasts long on my nails no matter how careful I am. I'm not a fan of the length of time it takes me to do a full set of gel nails, though. I kept seeing ads on Facebook for the ohora nail strips, and checked Amazon as well. These didn't have very many reviews but I bought them because mint/turquoise is my favorite polish color (other than black). To apply I followed these steps:1. Pushed back and trimmed cuticles.2. Filed my nails to my desired shape and length.3. Washed my hands with dish soap to remove any oils.4. Selected the nail strip that was closest in size. If there wasn't a perfect match I chose the next size down. You can stretch them by gently pulling on the sides.5. Applied the strips, making sure to press down on the edges from left to right.6. Trimmed the excess with a nail clipper.7. Cured for 1 minute with a UV/LED lamp8. Filed any rough edges.9. Applied a gel topcoat, capped free edge, and cured as directed.The pic with the bottle is immediately after application. I found them much easier to apply than strips made of nail polish. I had no problems with wrinkling or puckering. They cured well and were really durable. I am rough on my nails and they only came off when I took them off. They didn't chip at all and held up really well for 16 days. To remove I dipped an orange stick in some acetone and wedged it under the strip, so they are way less damaging than a traditional gel mani. The only issue I noticed was that there was a little adhesive that transferred to the new growth on my nails so some fuzziness kept getting stuck there. It wasn't a huge deal, though.Overall, these are really good. I wish they would expand the color range.

Tiffany Gimlet
Isac Boyle
These last!

I purchased these to try as a cheaper and quicker alternative to the Ohora brand. These have lasted awesome! I used a gel base and top coat over the top of the wrap and it really helps to extend the wear. I’m ordering these in every color.

Beach Hawaii
Issac Torphy
Applies like ohora. Not sure about durability yet. Will update

I like it. I usually use ohora but I wanted to see if there was a cheaper alternative. It comes with less stickers than ohora, tho. So far, it seems like it will work almost as good as ohora.I use a gel base coat, cure that, apply the nail stickers, cure it and then apply a gel top coat. With ohora it lasts more than 2 weeks (and I only take it off because my nails grow out and it looks funky). I will update this to see if these will last just as long.

Pink Glitter Mary
Benjamin Ryan
Favorite nail strips!

These are in individual strips like Incoco, and the print on the back of the package looks identical. However, these are twice as thick and much easier to put on! They were nice and flexible, stretched a bit to reach the corners, and nice and sticky.I tried applying a clear gel topcoat, but it peeled off in 24 hours, leaving the nail strips fully intact! I'll try a regular topcoat next time.So far, I've tried these, Incoco (too thin and expensive) and the Tough Girls (felt more like a really nice sticker, did stay on over a week!). I need to try Tough Girls again, but so far Pie & Co. are my favorite!UPDATE:I have 3 small chips from day 6, but since then, no more chips! I lightly filed the edge of the chip to smooth it, and it hasn't ripped or hung on anything. No problems washing my hair, no peeling at either the free edge or cuticle. Very impressed! (Photos on purple background are day 10)Update again!I wore my second color, and after 5 days I bathed both my large dogs. 3 hours in and out of water and fur, and still no peeling!!Update again!So, the color that is a mix of green w/white stripe and purple/white with silver pieces is not actually on white! I expected it to look semi-french, but the background of both is clear. Both the purple and green are a dark, muddy color on a bare nail. Photo of my daughters nails (which are quite short). She didn't like the look so much that she switched to another color I had. Disappointed that they aren't on white, as it appears in the stock photo.(Incidentally, the purple on my thumb in that photo is the one I bathed the dog with!)

Yellow Birds
Della Dooley
Super cute

I got so many compliments on my nails...people were surprised to find out it was stickers.

Premium UV Lamp
Oswaldo Nienow
LOVE this little light

I use this light for small resin projects and its amazing, it dries everything evenly and I love it :)

Golden Nails Glitter
Marianna Berge
Convenient and pretty

I don’t have time to go to the nail salon and hear workers there trash talk me, lol. These are pretty styles and super convenient. It wasn’t hard to apply and I didn’t even really need a uv lamp. They were delivered in like 1 or 2 business days. And affordable!

Tiffany Gimlet
Carmella Kulas
Great at home nail colour

I was suprised by how much I liked this and how good it was! I'm absolutely terrible at putting on polish, so this was relatively easy to apply. If you have a clubby, one of the sizes does fit!!

Yellow Birds
Ibrahim Dietrich
Just as shown

Really pretty, but saving for another day. I love the design

Silver Fox Glitter
Daniela Roob
Exceeded my expectations!

I love these! I don't know how easy they are to remove because they still look so great, I haven't wanted to try! I'll definitely buy more!

White Russians
Santos Kreiger
Even better than the salon!

I have tried it all: regular polish, dips, acrylics, poly gel and press-ons. These curing stickers blew me away. I just removed the first set (Sakura), which came off easily after soaking, after lasting about 2 weeks. The best part, it’s all available in the comfort and convenience of your own house. I’ve bought 4 more colors because I love these! You will need a UV light to cure, though, so if you don’t have one, that could be a drawback, but there are cheap ones out there.

Superior Black
Trey Kshlerin
These worked great

I’m not big on reviews, but these nail strips worked very well for me. I have thin nails and couldn’t use the gel polish any more because it was tearing up my nails. They get 5 stars because I used a nail strengthener before I put the strips on and then cured them for 60 seconds and the strips worked just fine. I also polished over them with regular gel polish the next week and they still look good.

Pink Glitter Mary
Katharina Schmeler
Great value

Better than color street. Last longer than color street.

Silver Fox Glitter
Ressie Lueilwitz
Loving these nail strips!

These are the perfect balance between the Jamberry vinyl strips and Color Street’s real nail polish strips. I found them easier to apply and they look great! I’m not super careful with my nails, so I always end up with chips or nicks after just a couple of days, no matter what I have on. But so far these still look like they did when I put them on a few days ago! I found taking the time to really smooth them out with the orange stick and making sure they were good and attached really helped. I also did them in the early evening, after I was done with stuff around the house that day so they really had a chance to set before I needed to use my hands again. Great product!

Beach Hawaii
Keanu Marquardt
Good product

I have them on for a week now and still they look good. I recommend it.

White Russians
Luigi Bechtelar
Amazing. I'll never buy a bottle of nail polish again

Super easy to apply and it looks like a million bucks. I used a small scissors to shape some of the adhesive to curve of my cuticle before peeling it from the plastic. Also used a nail trimmer to make the first cut around the edges of my nail instead of a nail filler. Then I cured the nails and finished off with the nail filler. Everything looks absolutely awesome!

Pink Glitter Mary
Destiny Johnson
Easy to apply

It’s been a several days since I applied the nail strips. They are well adhered with no chipping as yet. Just a little wear on the ends of my nails, which is to be expected. Would purchase again.